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Forget the Storm by Tyler Hilton

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A Written Rhapsody: Forget the Storm by Tyler Hilton

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Forget the Storm by Tyler Hilton

  1. Kicking My Heels 
  2. Prince of Nothing Charming 
  3. Loaded Gun 3:40
  4. You'll Ask for Me 
  5. Jenny feat. Elizabeth Huett 
  6. Can't Stop Now 
  7. Ain't No Fooling Me 
  8. Leave Him 
  9. I Belong 
  10. Hey Jesus 
Having to go to three places to find a store that sold this CD here is ridiculous, but totally worth it!  Finally releasing another full-length album since 2004, Hilton shows off his talent in a variety of songs to prove he's not just a guitarist with kick ass hair.

The opening tracks, "Kicking My Heels" and "Prince of Nothing Charming" open with Hilton's usual raw voice, but starts off on a much slower tempo that lets a listener get ready for the rest of the album. Though it opens slow, "Kicking My Heels" is a great starter that's pretty impossible to not sing along with.

"Loaded Gun" is where the party really starts on this album with a gritty sound that flirts with listeners because of lyrics like, "the way you looking so good in that cotton dress / there's just no telling what I'll do next." This song is probably one of the more creative songs with the play on words throughout the song that is sure to be a fan favorite.

Releasing a studio version of a popular acoustic Hilton song, "You'll Ask For Me" flows well with the album giving the song a more country edge. The remaining songs are more reminiscent of Hilton's earlier sound on "The Tracks Of". The song goes back to its hard rock feel after more emotional songs of, "Jenny" and "Can't Stop Now" with "Ain't No Fooling Me" having a very Arrow's, "I Love Rock and Roll" type of aura about it.

With only ten tracks on this album, my only real complaint is that I wanted not only more songs, but more of Tyler's acoustic work I've come to love. Seriously Hilton, an acoustic of "Loaded Gun" and I'll be the happiest person EVER.

With all the delays this album went through it was well worth the wait. This album is worth checking out if you're a fan looking for some pop rock with light country flavor and relatable yet fun lyrics.



At April 11, 2012 at 5:33 AM , Anonymous Amanda @ Letters Inside Out said...

Where are mentions of HAIR? :P

Remind meeeee to listen later :O


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