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A Written Rhapsody: Music Notes: Gavin DeGraw- Sweeter

Friday, November 11, 2011

Music Notes: Gavin DeGraw- Sweeter

This album has been out for a while, but I wanted to take my time to review it since I heart Gavin's music so much. I honestly haven't been ecstatic about some of his other albums, but this one reminded me why I've hearted this guy for years. The opening song and album title song is just pure SWAG. Really, I bolded and capitalized that word for a reason. It opens with this rugged guitar sound that just sets the tone for what the song expresses. I was honestly disappointed this song doesn't have a music video yet. I don't know if it's just me, but I just picture this guy on like a hunt for a girl that's in his sight.I can't imagine any person hearing this song and not getting slight butterflies in their stomach from his voice.Gavin could get pretty much anything he wants from me if he used that voice on me, just saying.

"Not Over You" is another song that stood out to me. The lyrics are kind of heartbreaking as he talks about a girl who he'd always return to. What makes this song stand out to me is the piano. Though he's saying he's not over her, the piano gives the song this edge and makes it sound like he's fighting the urge to go back. It's almost uplifting in a way.

I'm glad Gavin didn't get rid of complete sappy love songs! I don't care what anyone says, they're awesome. Sometimes you need to just listen to those songs that make you feel like someone is there for you. "Soldier" is definitely one of them with lyrics stating, "You're thirsty,I'll be rain,
You get hurt, I'll take your pain." It may be a little corny, but aww!

If you don't know about Gavin already, the one song on this album I demand to check out would be "Spell It Out". I think this song pretty much sums up the awesomeness of Gavin DeGraw. It's raw, simple and beautiful. It shows what's always made him great. He can do those pop type of numbers and then turn around and do such a bare and vulnerable type of song. He's an artist I hope never stops making music. I'd really be a sad girl if he did.

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At November 12, 2011 at 1:56 PM , Anonymous Amanda @ Letters Inside Out said...

I <3 sappy love songs. They'll always be THE BEST. Seriously - THE BEST. :P

At November 26, 2011 at 8:45 AM , Anonymous Books Ahoy said...

I love Gavin!!! New follower :)

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