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A Written Rhapsody: Music Notes: Roses by Meg & Dia

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Music Notes: Roses by Meg & Dia

Funny how I came across this pair. I was sitting at work listening to my iPod and this song by The Summer Set came on. There was a woman's voice that really caught my attention as I found the song to be so pretty. I was like, "I need to look this up now!" I found the name Dia Frampton and thought the name sounded really familiar but couldn't place it. Then thanks to wikipedia I realized, "Hey! It's the chick from The Voice!"Now I've only seen a few of the first episodes of the show and always liked her, but my TV viewing is pretty limited as I always forget when shows are on. As I found this band, I've been trying to find their CD's to purchase with little success, so my listens have resorted to multiple YouTube plays. I can't explain what captivates me about their voices, it just sort of pulls me in though. Their songs also have a nice range from a rock flair to fun little pop songs to emotional ballads. I'm really curious to get their albums to see how each progresses.

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