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Book Notes: The Brenna Blixen Series by Liz Reinhardt

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A Written Rhapsody: Book Notes: The Brenna Blixen Series by Liz Reinhardt

Monday, November 21, 2011

Book Notes: The Brenna Blixen Series by Liz Reinhardt

"What happens when you fall for the perfect one day? Brenna Blixen spent her freshman year homeschooling in Denmark; now that she's back in the States, she's determined to make her sophomore year unforgettable. And by unforgettable, she imagined awesome classes, fun friendships, and maybe a little romance. What she got was a whole lot of romance, and all at once. The same day that dark, brooding Saxon Maclean charmed her with his killer good looks and whip-smart wit, Jake Kelly stole her breath away with his heart-wrenching smile and intelligent, thoughtful focus. But Saxon is a proud player who makes it clear that he doesn't know why he can't get Brenna off of his mind and out of his system, and Jake's sweet and humble attitude hides a secret past life that might be darker and more complex than Brenna is willing to deal with. Complicating the matter is the fact that Saxon and Jake were once best friends and are now arch-enemies...and the more Brenna finds out about their connection to each other, the more intrigued and worried she becomes. Between keeping the peace with her lovingly over-protective parents, designing t-shirts for her high school's rising punk band, keeping up her grades in classes split between academic and technical high school, and running the track like a maniac, Brenna has enough to worry about without juggling two guys who make her heart thud and drive her crazy all at once. She has to make a choice, but how is she supposed to do that when giving her heart to one of them might mean breaking the other's?"

Jake.Saxon. No wait, Jake. Damn you Brenna Blixen! Yeah, Saxon. Never mind, Jake.

That was pretty much my train of thought while reading these two books. I've been done for a few days now and I'm still just as lost about who to pick.

I don't know how Reinhardt did it, but I've never wanted to kick, hug, punch or do naughty, naughty things repeatedly with so many characters.

Brenna, Brenna, Brenna. I love her. I hate her. She's pretty awesome overall. I see her appeal, but I also have this need to punch her throughout the books. I don't think I've ever yelled at my iPad so much as when reading this series. Now my yelling isn't a bad thing; it's just that Reinhardt has this way of getting you so involved with the characters that you can't help but feel for them throughout their experiences.

These are the types of notes I take while reading.
The boys. Oh mylanta! Jake is the hot artsy boy who I just wanted to cuddle throughout the book. He's just such a sweet guy! He has a dark past, but he's getting through it and trying to better himself. Saxon is just pure...I can't even come up with the proper word. I want to smack him upside the head sometimes, but also have his beautiful dark-haired babies. I can usually pretty easily pick a side in book love triangles, but I can completely understand why Brenna is so torn between them because I still can't make a choice.

Be forewarned, these books have some minor sexy time moments in it. However, if you're looking for a series with great realistic characters that will pull you in from the very beginning, you should definitely check this series out!

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At November 21, 2011 at 4:18 PM , Anonymous Liz Reinhardt said...

Preet, I am blushing! And so in love! You do realize that half the reason I wrote these crazy YA books was to have my dream come true; brilliant, hilarious, awesome women talking about and liking MY book. You and Amanda have me on a pretty non-stop high, and you rock! I wish many awesome bad-boy literary babies on you both! (And your iPad pic is AMAZING!) Off to kvell like a school girl...

At November 21, 2011 at 7:09 PM , Anonymous AWrittenRhapsody said...

Aw, you're like one of my first few author comments on this blog! I'm so ridiculously excited about this fact, haha. I hope you know you've made me finding a guy even more difficult now. When my future guy is all, "Why do you want this type of jewelry?" I'm just going to say, "Blame Liz." Sorry in advance.

Thank YOU again for creating this fantabulous world. One day I still plan to visit this farm in Sussex County. Really, it's going to happen.

At November 21, 2011 at 7:10 PM , Anonymous AWrittenRhapsody said...

Oh, thank you for pimping me out Sissy! I heart your face even more. <3


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